Local students proudly represented their schools at the Gippsland BrainSTEM presentations. Students were involved in a 12 week investigation project focusing on an issue in Gippsland’s food and fibre industry. Each group worked with their own local industry mentor.

Korumburra Secondary College students focused on organic foods whilst Leongatha Secondary College students looked at how calculating milk prices for farmers could be more simplified and accessible. At first, students thought that a software application could be developed to help farmers calculate milk prices and profit according to the market. After considering how much effort and skills it would take to develop an app, students opted to work on developing forumlas and methodology instead, as guided by their mentor. Feedback from students reveal that they gained a huge appreciation for the complexities involved in the market and how milk prices are determined. It also showed them how maths is actually used in the workplace!

A fantastic hands on learning experience which also helped students develop their teamwork, communication and presentation skills while working on real world issues.

The BrainSTEM project was a partnership between BrainSTEM, Gippsland Food and Fibre, CQU, South Gippsland Bass Coast and Baw Baw Latrobe LLENs.

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