Inspiring Young People (IYP) Events

SGBCLLEN works with schools to host IYP events  to help students navigate subject selection and career pathways. Students help SGBCLLEN to organise and attend a networking lunch where they will engage with a range of mentors from different workplaces and industries. Mentors and guest speakers will guide conversation and illustrate how careers paths can change multiple times and that your first job won’t necessarily be your last. The aim is to expose students to a wide range of careers and highlight the importance of opportunities, facing challenges and inspire students to follow their passions.

Some of our mentors come from the following industries:

  • Local Government
  • Construction and Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Personal Services
  • Professional Services
  • Emergency Services
  • Health and Community
  • Education
  • Energy sector
  • Resource Management
  • Business and Retail