3D Printing Workshop with Jack Allen

In partnership with Year 10 student Jack Allen, we recently delivered a 3D Printing workshop for Fish Creek Primary School. Outside of school, Jack runs his own 3D printing business Allentronics. His business provides design solutions, 3D printing services and products to clients all over the world.

We hired Jack to develop and deliver an introductory 3D printing workshop to grade 5/6 students. He developed the program and on the day had students designing and printing their own name badges.

The students also took part in fun STEM learning activities including robot wars and tinkering with LittleBits Kits.

It was a pleasure to work with Jack who enjoys sharing his skills and knowledge with others. He has his own set of educational videos on youtube, teaching people about 3D printing. Looking forward to working with this young person in the future.

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