KISOC Professional Development 2 Day Workshop

SGBCLLEN in partnership with SGTSA arranged for 19 staff from 8 different schools across South Gippsland and Bass Coast to attend a 2 day PD workshop at Swinburne University’s KISOC Trade Training Centre last week. The Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) aims to inspire and empower today’s students to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will equip them for their future careers.

The feedback from staff has been extremely positive including comments from SGBCLLEN Board member Sam Wright Deputy Principal Mary MacKillop Catholic College:

“I thought the in-service was fantastic and inspiring on very engaging ways to embed digital technologies (especially coding) into the school curriculum. The facilitator’s were very hands on and gave us ‘permission to play’ with all the cool devices including drones, robots, lego and 3D printers. Even more was the manner in which they encouraged cross curriculum links to other non-ICT subject areas.

What really impressed me was that the focus all along was on learning and enhancing learning both in and out of the classroom.

It was great to spend the time with other schools to see how (or more importantly how we don’t) use newer digital technologies in the classroom. I would have to say it was one of the better professional development programs I have attended. It has got me inspired to hopefully better cater for those students interested in this as a pathway.

Having leadership represented was also a positive, not only were we thinking about how this technology can be utuilised in the classroom but we were able to see it from the bigger picture of cross curricular links and across year levels as well as a way to encourage students to pursue a pathway through extra curricular actives that we may wish to run in lunch times or after school.

Thank you to SGBCLLEN and SGTSA for both for providing the opportunity to visit this wonderful learning environment.”

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