Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Camp by Samara – Wonthaggi Secondary College Student

I found this 3 day camp to Melbourne Uni to be really beneficial as I got to meet new people, interact with new schools, learn new things and get pushed out of my comfort zone.  The main challenge which was given to us was difficult but we still had fun at the same time.  I loved staying at the uni and having the opportunity to experience living on campus. I went on this camp having no idea what we would do and honestly thinking it would be boring and I would just hang out with my school friends.  But it was the opposite. I loved everything about the experience and the people were so nice.  I would go on this camp again in a heartbeat. The mini challenges taught us about the struggles of other countries, about what they have to do to get water and power. The learning happened in a fun way and made us think.  I would recommend this camp to others. 

What I did on camp:

Day 1

1st Mini Challenge: Water

2nd Mini Challenge: Appropriate Technology, Design a Sustainable House

3rd Mini Challenge: Catan Board Game, Power Generation

Scavenger hunt around Melbourne CBD

Day 2

Main Challenge: Design a sustainable town in a specific climate: Coastal Climate

Trivia night

Day 3

Presentation: Present projects to the rest of the participants and to a panel of professionals engineer judges

Find out more about EWB here:


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