EWB High School Innovation Challenge 2017

SGBCLLEN recently supported Korumburra Secondary College and Wonthaggi Secondary College to participate in this year’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) High School Innovation Challenge on 29 November – 1 December 2017. The EWB initiative was launched in 2013 in partnership with the Melbourne School of Engineering and aims to foster interest and innovation in humanitarian engineering by exposing and educating students about the role of engineers in creating a better world.  The Innovation Challenge is aimed at year 9-10 students across Victoria with a particular focus on students in regional areas and schools that are underrepresented at a tertiary level. 

This year’s Innovation Challenge:  Design a town for 10000 people with a budget of $100 000 000

Task 1 Energy: The guest speaker informed students about energy source renewable/non-renewable and positives and negatives to each. Student groups then where given energy to trade with other groups to obtain all the energy they required for their town.

Task 2 Water: The guest speaker spoke about importance of clean water for community and technologies to deliver water. Students then had to explore various water supply options and decide which option to use in their developing town.

Task 3 Housing and Infrastructure: The guest speaker covered the Use of local resources for building to reduce cost but still suit the environmental conditions. Students must now decide types and quantity of housing and infrastructure for their population.

Comments from Korumburra Secondary College Teacher Stacie Witton:

“Students presented their town projects to a panel of engineering professionals. It was great to see all the planning that they had achieved over the previous 2 days. There were some amazing  innovative concepts presented in addressing energy, water supply, housing and infrastructure. What a awesome end to a fabulous program. We are sure to have some future engineers in this group!”

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