Science Week 2016

This year the SGBCLLEN developed a program based around water for grade 5 & 6 students at San Remo Primary School. Again a major aim of the program was to promote the ways we use science in the workplace and to give the students the opportunity to see scientists and engineers at work. The benefits of ‘authentic learning’ as in this activity have been well researched.

Over the week the students engaged in the E5 inquiry model as a framework for investigation. Students:

  • Engage – collected sea water and made solar stills to remove the salt
  • Explore – conducted an activity to simulate the removal of salt through desalination
  • Explain – visit to Desalination Plant and participation in a range of experiments with Watersure engineers / science technicians.
  • Elaborate – considered alternatives to solving water supply issues
  • Evaluate – developed proposals for water supply into the future.

The activities also engaged them in related literacy and numeracy activities.

Feedback from the students was very positive and again we thank Watersure for their support with the program.

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