The New Work Order

The Foundation for Young Australians report The New Work Order identifies some key issues are ahead for young people. Automation, globalisation and more flexible work are changing the face of work. The report shows currently around 70% of young Australians are getting their first job in roles that will either look very different or be completely lost in the next 10 to 15 years due to automation. Nearly 60% of Australian students (70% in VET) are currently studying or training for occupations where at least two thirds of jobs will be automated. Over 50% of jobs will require significant digital skills and yet our young people are not learning them in schools.

FYA is calling for a national enterprise skills strategy to be digitally-literate, financially-savvy, innovative and adaptable and help them navigate complex careers of the future. Transferrable enterprising skills identified include:

  • communication
  • project management
  • financial literacy
  • digital literacy
  • the ability to critically assess and analyse information
  • creativity and innovation.

And suggest an enterprising skills education would:

  • begin early in primary school and build consistently, year on year, throughout high school
  • be provided in ways that young people want to learn: through experience, immersion and with peers
  • provide accurate information and exposure about where future jobs will exist and the skills to craft and navigate multiple careers
  • engage students, schools, industry and parents in co-designing opportunities in and outside the classroom

Read the full report here:

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